It is not uncommon for those living or working in the United States on a temporary visa to need to lengthen their stay or renew their visa. Doing so with the assistance of a Miami immigration lawyer is advisable, as he or she will be able to guide the visa holder though the process successfully.

In order to extend one’s stay in the U.S., a visa holder and his or her dependents must first submit an I-539 form. This form must be submitted before the expiration date on one’s legal temporary resident status runs out. Depending on the visa one holds, he or she may be able to extend it more than once. With the help of an attorney, one can determine if an extension of status is the best option, or if an adjustment of status to become a legal permanent resident is a more suitable alternative.

When seeking to renew a visa, one will actually need to reapply for the visa he or she currently holds. Though the visa holder has already undergone the application process, working with an attorney is still ideal, as he or she can best advise the visa holder on whether or not renewal is the best course of action, and if so, if the process can be further simplified. For instance, some may able to avoid the interview process entirely through the Interview Waiver Program. Additionally, those who have been convicted of a crime or have encountered other issues that may jeopardize the likelihood that the visa will be renewed will benefit from legal guidance.

If a visa holder has questions about extending or renewing their visa, especially if the visa’s expiration date has passed, we urge him or her to schedule a free consultation with a Miami Immigration lawyer at Pimentel & Castillo.

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