Under Florida state law, theft is simply defined as knowingly taking, or simply using, the property of another individual. Theft charges can warrant fines and even jail time if not properly defended by a Miami criminal defense attorney. These charges are diverse, and include any of the following:

  • Fraud (Insurance, bank, investment, mortgage, credit card, and government)
  • Dealing in stolen property (by use of the Internet or otherwise)
  • Shoplifting (ranging from second degree petit theft to first degree grand theft)
  • Theft from an individual aged 65 or older

Ultimately, the value of the stolen property will determine the penalty the accused will face. At minimum, he or she is likely to be up against a second-degree misdemeanor, which can merit a fine of up to $500 and in severe cases a 60-day imprisonment. A maximum sentence for those with prior convictions could warrant as much as 15 years in prison, and a fine of up to $10,000.

With the right defense, a wrongly-accused individual can avoid these unwarranted sanctions. Applicable defenses may include: a good faith belief that the property was rightfully possessed by the accused, proof of consent from the owner of said property, or involuntary intoxication. The team at Pimentel & Castillo has extensive skill in defending those up against criminal theft charges, gained from years of experience. Those who have been charged with such offenses are urged to contact our office to schedule a free consultation on their case.

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