When an individual is convicted of a crime, the court may elect to include probation as a condition of his/her sentencing. Probation is a form of court supervision which allows an individual to avoid jail time by adhering to specific standards for a pre-determined amount of time. These are likely to include a monthly report to one’s court-appointed probation officer, informing the courts of any change in contact information, as well as other judicial commands depending on the charge the individual was convicted of. These may include:

  • Permitting to drug or alcohol testing
  • Completing a drug, alcohol or anger management treatment program
  • Abiding by a curfew and/or restrictions on travel (for example, agreeing not to leave the state)
  • Abiding by state and federal laws

If it comes to the court’s attention that an individual has violated the terms of his/her probation, the person is likely to be placed under arrest and may incur additional penalties. In order to avoid these penalties, a compelling legal strategy is essential.

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