A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties to perform a service or provide goods in exchange for other goods, services, or payment. Parties can either be people or legal entities such as small businesses and corporations. As top-quality Miami contract attorneys, we are experienced at drafting, negotiating, and reviewing agreements to ensure our clients’ contracts are free from weaknesses and are legally enforceable. Our Miami contract attorneys regularly assist businesses in drafting and executing the following types of business contracts:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Noncompete, Nondisclosure, and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Independent Contractor, Consulting, and Distributor Agreements
  • Real Estate and Equipment Leases
  • Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements

When one party fails to uphold their contractual obligations in a legally binding agreement, this is known as a breach of contract. One or both parties will want to have the contract enforced after a breach of contract occurs or is alleged. If a contract dispute arises and informal resolution methods are unsuccessful, the non-breaching party can file a breach of contract lawsuit to seek a legal remedy for the breach. A court can order the following remedies for a breach of contract:

  • Damages (Compensatory, Punitive, Nominal, or Liquidated)
  • Specific Performance
  • Cancellation and Restitution

As seasoned civil trial attorneys, we have represented our clients in numerous breach of contract lawsuits and defended their rights whether they were plaintiffs or defendants. When it comes to drafting a sound legally binding agreement or enforcing a contract that has been breached, consult with the distinguished Miami contract attorneys at Pimentel & Castillo.

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