Many people who encounter difficulties conceiving or carrying a child are choosing to seek out a surrogate instead. This individual is implanted with sperm and egg from a couple or donor via in vitro fertilization, and agrees to deliver and give the child or children to another person or couple.

The assistance of an attorney during this exciting time is critical for carrying out the process without a hitch, as surrogacy law is incredibly complex. A Miami surrogacy attorney can offer several benefits for the individuals involved.

  • Contract Creation. A contract is an important part of any surrogacy agreement. An experienced attorney can draft a legally-binding contract that details the specifics of the agreement and mitigates the risk of disputes throughout the process and even after the birth.
  • Professional Connections. Enlisting a reputable attorney to assist in arranging a birth via surrogate will open up the individual or couple seeking out the surrogate to a wealth of professional contacts the lawyer holds. These may include potential surrogates, as well as medical experts. These connections will ensure the chosen surrogate is a viable candidate who has been properly screened.
  • Objectivity. If a dispute does arise during the surrogacy process, the objectivity of an attorney is a valuable tool. While of course keeping his clients interests in mind, the surrogacy lawyer can mediate the situation when emotions are likely running high.

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