When issues of paternity arise, the situation can be extremely stressful for everyone involved. Paternity law focuses on questions of a child’s biological father, and can be brought on by either the mother of the child or a man who believes himself to be the child’s father.

These proceedings are different from child custody hearings in that it needs to be determined who the child’s true father is before parenting arrangements can be discussed. To do this, the court will order a DNA test which in the eyes of the law provides conclusive evidence for the dispute.

These cases can be complicated, no matter the outcome of the test itself. When paternity is proven, the parents, the court, and the legal counsel must work together to establish a parenting plan. This plan will outline custody, visitation and responsibility of the parent going forward, as well as child support if applicable. For particularly challenging cases, a guardian ad litem may be appointed to represent the child’s best interest.

With sensitive cases such as these, the guidance of an experienced Miami paternity lawyer is key for navigating through the process with as few complications as possible. If you have questions about paternity, the team at Pimentel & Castillo is here to answer them.

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