In Florida, divorce is legally defined as dissolution of a marriage; but in reality, the concept is far more complex than that. Either spouse may file for divorce in the state of Florida, assuming one has been a Florida resident for six months or more. The only requirement for a dissolution of marriage to be granted is irreconcilable differences. Beyond these basic guidelines, each and every divorce is different. A Miami divorce attorney can advise clients on the best approach based on their unique goals and situation.

Some divorce cases are more challenging than others. When both spouses are in agreement about the divorce proceedings, it is typically referred to as an uncontested divorce. When a divorce is contested, the case is understandably far more intricate. Notwithstanding, in any divorce case, there are some common issues that arise which must be decided upon. These include:

  • Division of Assets and Property
  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody and Visitation

Our team will navigate you through every step of the divorce, from petition to final judgement, making this difficult time in your life significantly less so. Reach out today to have your questions regarding Florida divorce law answered by our professional team.

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